A new school is being built in ACT, and you have been asked to design a classroom within the school. You can choose whether your design is a multifunctional one that can be used for a number if subjects (perhaps with flexibility built in)or is for a specific subject, in which case you must work out what requirements the class has and incorporate them. For example, a technology classroom needs facilities for sketching and computer work, and perhaps model-making.
The classroom is being designed for 20 students + 1 teacher, and so has a minimum height of 2.4m, and a minimum area of 125 m2. It will be single storey, so a roof must be included as part of the design. It must have two entrance/exits, to conform to Health and Safety regulations, and 10% of the floor space must be windows (remember to try to get as many of these facing north as possible). You have free choice as to material, colour, shape, and whether it is split level.
This classroom is to be designed with the future in mind, and does not need to look like the ones you are used to, think instead about the functions you want your design to have, and the environment you would like in a classroom you use, and work out what is the best way to incorporate them.
Draw a plan by hand, to a 1:50 scale, and then move onto the computers if you are able to use the software, and complete a plan, elevation and perspective. Save your work to the G drive or a memory stick, and submit your final drawings in the form of jpegs by the end of Friday’s class. If you are unsure of the software, continue to draw by had, and produce a plan and at least one elevation. Continue on to perspective
if you have time.