This page contains links to Rich Task and Class Observations, as well as other things of interest.

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Rich Tasks and Lessons designed and carried out by Learning School 12

Case Study - Environmental House
Our first Rich Task, carried out at RHS. We asked students to work in groups and design environmentally-friendly homes.

Case Study - Poverty Debate
A lesson the team carried out at RHS, involving group debate about poverty and the USA.

Case Study - The Kite Runner and Identity
A Rich Task we designed for students studying The Kite Runner at SHBS. Students were asked to create diary boxes, video diaries or graphic novels.

Case Study - Frankenstein and Identity
A Rich Task we designed for students studying Frankenstein which involved personal reflection on identity.

Case Study - Design Own Lesson
A double lesson looking at what students would do if they had control over their lesson.

Case Study - Design your own sport
A Rich Task at SBHS which involved group discussion and the creation of a new team sport.

Case Study - ESL class
More information on our time with Lake G’s ESL class, including an artistic presentation set by the team.

Case Study - Media Rich Task
A Rich Task offered to Media students at Lake G. Students created short videos relating to Poverty.

Case Study - The Flag Rich Task
A Rich Task initially designed for SBHS, later carried out with Lake G students, looking at Global issues of identity and flags.

Case Study - Architecture Rich Task
A Rich Task that developed into an Assignment, requiring Architecture students at Lake G to create classrooms of the future.

Case Study - Fashion Show
An interdisciplinary project carried out at Lake Ginninderra, which involved fashion design, music and drama.

Case Study - Identity Mural
A day-long Rich Task carried out with students at Kaleen High School in which the students had to organise themselves and produce a mural on identity.

Case Study - Maths Literacy
When learning School took a lesson on probability on Maths in SPHS.

Case Study - UN History Class
Four lessons with the four 9th History classes in SPHS. This UN related task developed as it was repeated.

Case Study - Art Rich Task
A Rich Task carried out with 2 classes at Gymnazium Zlin, looking at ‘what is a house? What is a home?’

Case Study: Animal Farm Rich Task
When learning School hijacked a regular book review on Animal Farm, turning it into a more creative task.

Future Technology Rich Task
When Learning School asked students at GFS to think about future technology in education.

Case Study - Bias in the Media Rich Task
A Rich Task inviting students to play the role of the media.

Rich Task Reflections - A short video summarising our thoughts on the Rich Tasks we created and carried out.

Rich Task Reflections from Greg McCarron on Vimeo.

Observation of Rich Tasks and Lessons

Case Study - Physics and Art Midterm
Students at RHS chose a practical exam for their Physics & Art Midterm. Learning School were very enthused by the ideas behind this Rube Goldberg task and the skills it aimed to develop.

Case Study - Architecture
A project in which students had to design a house.

Case Study - US History Midterm
Another example of assessment at RHS where students are not simply required to sit in silence and complete sheets.

Case Study - Poetry & Identity
A Rich Task we were invited to be part of at SBHS which included many different aspects.

Other things of Interest

Case Study - AHLISA
An interesting interdisciplinary course at RHS.

Case Study - Myth, Legend and the Bible
More information about how the RHS ‘Myth, Legend and the Bible’ teacher engages his students.

Case Study - RAHP Program
A course in healthcare at RHS that balances academia and practical experience.

University Links
A look into links between the University of Canberra and Lake G.

Choice in Education
More information about the wide course options available to students at Lake G.

Practical Options
More information about the balance of practical and academic options at Lake G.

Observation - Life Science
An observation of the Life Skills course at SPHS.

The Comenius Programme
More information about this EU-funded programme

The Environmental Group
More information about this goal-achieving extracurricular group at GFS.