Heya! I am an adventurous young man from Sweden who loves challenges and new experiences.
On my spare time I climb, dive, do a lot of sports (mostly hockey), hang out with friends and read.

Beside my love for the physical demanding stuff, one of my biggest interests is medicine
and everything that have to do with the mystery of the human body, and that is what I mostly read.

I joined Learning School because I want to broaden my horizons and contribute to something
useful at the same time. I want to gain better understandings for different things in the world, why
people do what and our differences. I also hope to evolve linguistically and creatively.

I must say that after being in the project for three weeks now, I've found it to be beyond my wildest
imagination and hope. Partly because the experience this far have been so great, partly because the
group is fantastic. We've made memories for life already!